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Salon-worthy manicure at home

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Gel nail stickers application

1. Roughen the nail surface with a file.

Roughen the nail surface with the nail file included in the package. Clean the nails from dust, either with water or nail polish remover. Be sure to wait until the nail surface is completely dry.

2. Choose the most suitable size gel polish sticker

Choose the right size sticker. Remove the top protective film from the sticker and then remove the gel polish sticker from the base.

3. Attach the sticker firmly to the nail

Place the sticker on the nail. Press so that the sticker attaches properly. Go over all the edges with the included wooden match to make sure the sticker adheres to the entire nail surface.

4. Cut the remaining sticker with scissors

Cut the sticker that is left over the nail with scissors.

5. File and give a suitable shape

File sticker to fit the nail with the file included in the package.

6. Place the nails under the UV lamp

Place your hands under a UV lamp for 60 seconds to set the gel polish stickers.

To remove gel polish stickers

The easiest way to remove gel polish is to floss.

Place the dental floss at the edges of the nail and pull so that the dental floss “cuts” the glue on the sticker.

Look video

NB! Be sure not to remove the gel polish sticker by simply pulling it off the nail - this can damage the surface of the nail.

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