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Hand care products that will save your day(s)

Hand care products; needed or not

In today’s fast-paced world, we often overlook the significance of daily nail and hand care. Our hands are our primary tools for interaction, communication, and work. They are constantly exposed to environmental aggressors, frequent washing, and daily wear and tear. Just as we prioritize skincare and haircare, our nails and hands deserve equal attention and care. Healthy nails are not just a beauty statement but also an indicator of overall health. They protect our fingertips, enhance our sense of touch, and play a crucial role in our aesthetic appeal.

Understanding the importance of nail and hand care, Stikily webshop is thrilled to announce the launch of its new range of hand care products, meticulously designed to cater to all your nail care needs.
Let’s dive into the details of these game-changing products:

1. Base Shield Wild&Mild, 12ml Just as the letter “A” is foundational in the alphabet, our Smoothing Base Coat, Wild&Mild “Base Shield”, is the bedrock your nails have been waiting for. This product not only sets the stage for impeccable nail art but also showers your nails with a plethora of benefits.

2. Extreme Shine Top Coat Wild&Mild, 12ml Did you know the shiniest natural object on our planet might be an African berry? While that berry isn’t part of your wardrobe, with Wild&Mild “Extreme Shine”, you can radiate brilliance daily. This superior top coat is set to revolutionize your nail aesthetics.

3. Wild&Mild “No Bite” – Your Solution for Beautiful, Bite-Free Nails! For those battling the nail-biting habit and yearning for healthier nails, Wild&Mild “No Bite” is your knight in shining armor. With its biting deterrent, restorative action, and easy application, you’re equipped to conquer the nail-biting challenge. Embrace nail care as a joy, not just a routine.

4. Wild&Mild Hard Rock Nails – Your Nail’s Guardian Shield! Unlock the secret to robust, flourishing nails with Wild&Mild “Hard Rock Nails”. This transparent nitrocellulose-based concoction, fortified with five botanical extracts, forms a protective barrier that instantly strengthens the nail plate, warding off brittleness and external harm. Bid adieu to fragile nails and welcome a new era of strength and defense.

5. Wild&Mild Nail Beauty Oil – Your Nail’s Natural Elixir! Meet Wild&Mild Nail Beauty Oil, your passport to nourishing and reviving your nails, unveiling their inherent allure and glow. This transformative nail care potion is expertly designed to protect and amplify your nails, offering a spectrum of benefits for both your nail plate and cuticles. From nail rejuvenation to versatile care, nutrient-rich formula, invigorating fragrance, clean formulation, effortless application, and being cruelty-free and vegan, this elixir is the epitome of holistic nail care.

Hand care is easier with right tools

We’re also thrilled to announce another exciting addition to the Stikily webshop: collection of manicure tools! Understanding the essence of a perfect manicure, we’ve curated a selection of essential tools that promise to redefine your nail care experience.

1. Scissors: Precision is key when it comes to manicures, and our expertly crafted scissors ensure just that. Made with the finest materials, these scissors allow you to trim your nails and Stikily stickers with utmost accuracy, ensuring a clean and even cut every time.

2. Nail File: Say goodbye to jagged edges and uneven nail surfaces. Our premium nail file is designed to shape and smooth your nails to perfection. Its dual-sided design caters to both shaping and fine-tuning, making it a must-have in your manicure kit.

3. Clippers: For those who prefer a quick and efficient nail trimming session, our clippers are your go-to tool. Ergonomically designed for comfort and precision, these clippers make nail cutting a breeze.

Incorporate these tools into your nail care routine and witness the transformation. Not only will your nails look more polished and refined, but the process will also become more enjoyable and efficient. Dive into the world of Stikily and elevate your manicure game to new heights!

So Stikily webshop’s new product range is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering top-notch nail care solutions. Each product is crafted with precision, love, and a deep understanding of nail health. So, why wait? Dive into the world of Stikily and give your nails the love, care, and attention they rightfully deserve. Remember, beautiful nails are a reflection of a beautiful you!

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