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Manicure with two nail stickers at once makes the nail art world endless

Have you ever wondered how to add even more shine and personality to your nails?

Although Stikily’s e-store has about 100 different nail polish sticker designs available, sometimes you just want something completely different. Who said you have to limit yourself to just one nail polish sticker? The opportunity to use two stickers at once gives you a whole new level to personalize your nails and be truly unique. Exciting, right? We’ll show you how to use two stickers at once!

How to choose stickers to combine?‘s selection of nail polish stickers includes transparent stickers that offer more options for unique designs. Transparent stickers can be worn both separately and installed on another nail polish sticker, creating interesting visual effects.

A good practice is to install transparent stickers on a solid-colored sticker so that the patterns really stand out. But at Stikily, we don’t set limits! You can stick the sticker on gel nail stickers or even regular nail polish. Why not spice up your existing gel manicure by adding a transparent design sticker? Sky is the limit

You can find transparent stickers on here . You can recognize the stickers because the preview images have a beige background.

How to apply two stickers?

The idea of using two stickers may seem complicated at first. It’s not!

  1. Choose the stickers you want to use:
    Choose two different stickers that fit your mood, outfit, or whatever reason you like.
  2. Clean your nails:
    Before installing the stickers, make sure your nails are clean and dry. As a precaution, clean your nails with nail polish remover.
  3. Stick the first sticker:
    This is the so-called foundation. Start sticking the sticker from the bottom of the nail. Attach the sticker properly with your finger and make sure the sticker is nicely attached to the nail. Cut with scissors as close to the nail tips as possible.
  4. Stick the second sticker:
    Stick the second sticker similar to the first sticker. Make sure the second sticker is also nicely attached and cut with scissors as well.
  5. File the stickers and give the nail shape:
    File both stickers carefully in the same direction.
  6. Cover with a transparent topcoat: This is not mandatory, but it certainly extends the life of your manicure. Stikily’s e-store also sells topcoats – you can find them here.

Remember – after installing the stickers, avoid water procedures for about 2 hours. As always – hand washing is OK, but dishwashing should wait.

Take a look at the gallery for the results of using two nail polish stickers at once.

Now it’s time to dive into the world of and start your two-sticker adventure. We are excited to see what cool combinations will be created! Good luck and don’t forget to share your creation with us! Use hashtags #stikily or tag our Instagram profile. Your design can inspire others and become part of our Stikily community!

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